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Originally Posted by HKC View Post
Nothing is going to be 100% absolute, but you'll have a hard time convincing me the antis you flipped were at the level of someone like Feinstein. I'm talking hardcore gun control advocates.

As with many polarized issues in our country these days, the independents are the ones that hold the true deciding power. Every effort should be made to win them over if you want to be successful. If they are not on your side, you have an uphill battle every single time.
When I was 14, I inherited a shotgun and a .22 from my Great Uncle when he passed.

I was made to keep both of them in a buddies barn an hour away because lord help my mother (who couldn't bring herself to have them trashed because she had a lot of love for her uncle) if a gun were to ever come into her house.

Now, 21 year old trying to work out a plan to make rent so I can leave, have a handgun in my room and a safe at capacity with the guns I've slowly acquired over time.

Also been a few other friends and relations I've worked on with it and succeeded.

The thing to remember, is even though it's unfortunately a minority (larger than a cynic wants to think) of people, there are a lot of folk out there who are 'big' enough to admit when they're wrong. They're ignorant because they've never really thought about or are surrounded by others that they trust who hold that opinion, and so have never had to question it.

All you need to do is be willing to discuss it, be honest when you do, be able to answer questions on the philosophical arguments, and have your evidence in line for the fact based ones.

You'd be shocked how many people are willing to listen if you talk to them about it instead of talking at them about it.
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