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I've wanted to say this for a long time, but have held back. No more.


Get that through your head. Gura is a man fighting for our rights. Nothing more, nothing less. People here tend to idolize him and put him up on a pedestal to the point that he's infallible and can do no wrong. Gura fights from a judicial aspect, because that's his specialty. Wayne/NRA fight from the public and private sphere. He is not God either. Does anyone really think that the NRA doesnt share Gura's view that the 2A is a fundamental, civil right? If that's the way that Wayne would have responded, he would have been absolutely TORN apart. There's a time and place for insisting upon our constitutional, GOD GIVEN rights......but his press conference was NOT the place to fight a constitutional crisis on the 2A.

People were looking for answers. "Why did this happen?", "How could this happen?", "What are we going to do about it to prevent it in the future?" That's not the realm that Gura deals with. If Wayne got up there and started spewing how they cant restrict a dang thing because we have our 2A civil rights, he'd look like a blithering moron because 1) It doesnt answer ANY of the "why" questions, 2) It's not helpful in preventing future crazies from going postal, and 3) It would make him look like he didnt care if it happened in the future again. He was giving reasons for the madness, and answers to prevent it. He was speaking to people like you and me.....not to Supreme Court justices.

Gura and LaPierre come from two different sides under the Gun Rights umbrella. For Gura to attack him like that is absolutely NOT helpful. He needs to leave Wayne to his sphere of influence and stick to his own.
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