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Originally Posted by Kestryll View Post
I've played video games for a few decades now and I'll tell you for a FACT as each new generation of game comes out they are more violent, more graphic, the game play rewards more and more amoral actions and the people who say it has no influence are full of crap up to their brown eyes.

The industry responds to what the market wants and as kids grow up 'stabbing the hooker to death so I don't have to pay her', and getting bonus points for it, they start looking for something 'edgier' because stabbing the hooker is just the norm.
I have to disagree. Games haven't gotten "more violent", there have been violent games around since the 80s. Many of those were worse than anything out today (custer's revenge and chiller come to mind). "More graphic", I'll give you that one, but that's only because the graphics themselves have gotten better, not because there weren't graphic games in the 80s. The two I referenced are worse, even with their bad 80s graphics, than pretty much anything you'll see today.

I'm guessing you are referencing GTA with the hooker comment, that game is rated "M" and children shouldn't be playing it anyway. It's up to their parents to ensure that they don't.
Originally Posted by GoodEyeSniper View Post
My neighbors think I'm a construction worker named Bruce.

Little do they know that's just my stripper outfit and name.
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I am currently cleaning it and I noticed when I squeeze the snake this white paste like substance comes out. What the heck is this crap?
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Don't D&T a virgin milsurp rifle. You'll burn in collector hell.

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