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Blaming video games is ignorant and completely out of touch.

The industry responds to what the market wants and as kids grow up 'stabbing the hooker to death so I don't have to pay her', and getting bonus points for it, they start looking for something 'edgier' because stabbing the hooker is just the norm.
If that's what you got out of GTA, you're playing it wrong. GTA doesn't even have a mission objective of "killing hookers". And "bonus points" for it? Are you just regurgitating anti-gaming rhetoric without checking any facts? Because there are no "bonus points"; the game doesn't even have a "points" scoring system. As all gun owners know, it's important to stick to facts, and I hope you realize how closely you are mimicking anti-gun groups in your approach to video games.

The player can do a lot of things in GTA because the game has a somewhat free-roaming structure. Does the fact that when given freedom in a game, the player can choose to do bad things surprise you? Hell, kids shouldn't even be playing GTA because the game is rated M. Why is the game's existence a problem for you, when it should be apparent that parents shouldn't let kids play those games in the first place? Or do you still subscribe to the mentality that "games are for kids" when the adult demography is incredibly huge?

This new form of "blame the entertainment" rhetoric is getting REALLY old. Why am I even defending the First Amendment on a 2A forum?
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