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Originally Posted by NytWolf View Post
And you expect the anti's to eat that right up, right? Seriously ... what did you think the NRA can come out and say that would be deemed correct by the anti's? The anti's will condemn the NRA for not what they say, whether wrong or right, but just for being the NRA.

Whether or not they did a poor job defending the 2A, the fact is, they did something. Did you not hear the press's questions even after the NRA speech? From the nature of the questions, do you think they even listened or cared to listen to what the NRA had to say, let alone the fact that they already said they would not be entertaining questions?
Yep, nothing the NRA said or could say would have changed anything. Even keeping quiet out of respect for the souls lost and the grieving left behind was met with the headline "NRA Silent - where's the NRA on this? - why haven't we heard from the NRA?". Even the proposal to provide armed security at schools, something that uber liberals have long advocated and in many cases actually do (see LAUSD police) was met with derision. Simply because it was the NRA making it and that proposal didn't fit with the gun control agenda.

Obama's task force led by Biden is an even bigger joke. After 100's of years considering and implementing regulations aiming at reducing violence, suddenly a task force meets for a week or two, takes a couple of days of testimony and ouila! suddenly the solution is discovered and ready for implementation (starting next Tuesday).

And I agree with Kes above. People don't think all of this carnage up on their own, the more examples one sees in the external world the more likely that scenario will pop into your mind. Look at Holmes "I am the Joker" and it is clear he intended to emulate the character and took actions that the character is portrayed as taking.
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