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Originally Posted by drewXD/G23 View Post
Dose any have any experience shooting the new XDS? Feed back?
Yes. I played with one at the range the other day. Very nice design, not very wide at all. I thought it was way too "snappy" when shooting it. Accurate though. With the extended magazine the grip was very long, without it the grip was too short. The grip was very grippy, too much so. It left impressions in my hands and I don't have soft, weak hands. It would make a good close quarters defensive weapon. It is a nice pistol but I would not buy one.

I think a Smith and Wesson .357 640 with a two inch barrell would be a better choice for close quarter defensive carry. The revolver does not have a moving slide to snag on clothing, or an exposed hammer and can be fired from a pocket. Plus if the revolver misfires, just pull the trigger again.
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