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I'm 6' barefoot so not a small gal which is why the 686 didn't seem too large for me back when I got it but now that I'm older I think lighter would be better. The HK P30 has a full size grip, but has replaceable panels for the grip to size it up and down in a wide variety of sizes. They are sorta pricey, but I like how their operation is so jam-free. I can stovepipe or jam a 1911 or Glock just about once a 17 round magazine, but have never done that with my sons HK and I really put it through its paces a few weeks ago. I decided to go for quality instead of quantity.

I also shoot mostly 38 at the range too, then end my session with a dozen or so 357 since my home defense loads are 357 hoping for the memory thing as well. We think alike!

LAGC's website had no membership info so I emailed asking about it. Not sure if they are even open to new members. Sunnyvale's site had links to their member info even though they are only taking wait list. They are also open till 9 so I may have to go there for my summer's evening shooting.
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