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Originally Posted by 1-M-42 View Post
I'm confused, just how is this different than a uniformed officer sitting down for a meal? Badges, guns, portable radios? It was quite clear they were cops, how would this be tactically unsound?
Because if you are in uniform, you have no choice in letting people know who you are and what you do. So you do what you can to minimize the danger with tactical awareness.

If you are in plainclothes, and keep your gun concealed, nobody should know you are a cop in the first place unless you choose to expose it. So when you are in a public place, and something goes down, nobody would immediately identify you as a cop and target you first and you can maintain some modicum of stealth and gain tactical advantage by choosing when to take action after deciding, as much as you can, the time and place to take action, if any action is to be taken. Sometimes you can't take action because you are outgunned or whatnot, and you can remain anonymous and stay alive to be a good witness.

Walking around with your badge and gun exposed in plainclothes pretty much negates any of that choice.
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