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The reason i was told was a change in criteria because of a arrest in 1994( no conviction no trial and no disposition)Not to make light of this arrest,but the case had no merit as i was certainly the victim Please excuse my honesty if inappropriate) the records and any court documents of that arrest including any disposition has been purged.
The CA DOJ has been asking for the final dispositions of arrest records when it can not determine one from their records.

Whether the case had merit or not is irrelevant. If the arrest record was expunged, the state may still be able to see the arrest but not the final disposal of your case.
Was the arrest in CA? If so contact a CA attorney who will be able to petition the court for the appropriate record that shows you were not convicted of a crime.

In my opinion this would be more productive and safer than requesting a formal opinion from the DOJ as to your legal status regarding the possession of a firearm.

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