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My recent firearm transfer (10/30/2012) has been delayed. The reason i was told was a change in criteria because of a arrest in 1994( no conviction no trial and no disposition)Not to make light of this arrest,but the case had no merit as i was certainly the victim Please excuse my honesty if inappropriate) the records and any court documents of that arrest including any disposition has been purged. I have had a successful transfer of a handgun as recent as july of 2012. I have received fom your clerk a petition to seal and destroy adult arrest records but these records have been purged.(Your clerks response was to contact my assemblyman? in my district.) futhermore I was told although there was a delay on this purchase I could still legally possess firearms.OK There being no reason to believe prior to this delay (transfer in july of 2012) I completed a sale on gun from a FFL for the amount of $1300.00 on 10/30/2012 The firearm was shipped to a local FFL. There is no returning this Firearm as all sales are final. OK im all about sealing arrest records so i can be able to PURCHASE firearms in the future,since i am able to possess firearms according to the DOJ,i would prefer to go FORWARD by having this transfer started again in my spouses name. MY FFL dealer says he cannot do this without something in writing from the DOJ verifing I can posess firearms (because we reside at the same address)to satisfy ATF regulations paperwork? (straw purchase??)Please give my situation the attention it deserves. THANK YOU!! Sincerely, Grant M. Dorsey
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