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Pigman and I went. I saw Porter. I don't know it was you BoMar, sorry we didn't meet.

It was by far a pro gun group. One guywent ahead and blamed the media for sensationalizing the drug using gunmen. Lots of blame put on the mentally unstable and drug using hoopleheads.

Thompson heard lots of good arguments against more restrictive laws on law biding citizens. One guy even identified what an assault weapon is and noted such weapons have been banned since the 30's and remain only for LEO's and the military, and that all what remains for the average citizen were simple semi auto's. one speake brought up guns at schools, the woman next to me said under her breath asking if we really needed guns set school. The speaker continued the success of having armed security or police on campus. I looked @ her and chuckled with a blink. That really ruffled her feathers.

One could easily spot the peace loving Birkenstock wearing human rights activists who attended to spout their nonsense. After an hour of pro 2a cheers the hippies slowly got up and silently walked out frustrated and annoyed.

In short, it was a success. The pro 2a folks were very polite to let everyone speak, and when a speaker made sense with facts and information was followed with cheers and boisterous applause from the crowd

I think we are making progress and are building a growing number of people who are seeing the light and are seeing guns, high cap mags and these scary assault weapons are not to blame......but rather the mentally insane who gain fame from the media who need help. This malarkey about guns needed only for hunting is slowly fading to the wayside. The right to protect ones self, family, property is coming out.
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