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Originally Posted by SilverTauron View Post
A couple of thoughts.

In California NFA items are de-facto banned, so buying ARs and AKs by the crate won't do you guys any good if a ban is passed.

Setting aside the Constitutional aspect, unless you're a die hard AK or AR fan i'd sell them for top-dollar right now, before any laws come down and the prices are nice and high. If we prevail in Washington things will go back to normal and you can probably purchase MORE gear when the market corrects downward.

If things go to pot in DC you guys will lose the guns anyway and the market won't be as favorable if you want to sell , so there you have it.

Another thought to consider: even if you register an AR or AK after a renewed AWB is passed, you're still one idiot cop away from losing your rifle anyway.

Sure, you have papers showing the gun's legal, but if a cop gets a bug in their hiney about "assault weapons" a legal NFA stamp won't stop them from seizing your evil rifle under whatever pretense they can make up on the side of the highway. They'll illegally seize your property and dare you to take it up with the Judge if you have any hard feelings. In a society which is demonizing ARs , owning one -even legally-will be a Scarlett Letter proposition. Even today some people think there's no reason for ordinary people to own AR15s. Imagine how widespread that attitude will be 10 years after commercial sale of them has been outlawed.

Panicky rangemasters wanting to stay off the government's radar will ban ARs from the firing line, panicky cops will jail you on sight of a 30 round magazine, and drama queen ex-wives and girlfriends will wave pictures of your registered "Assault Weapon" around in family court as proof you're a psycho. Ownership of these guns after a ban is liable to the a major pain in the a** even beyond the government paperwork. Owning an AR after a ban will be akin to the situation of an openly gay Muslim living in Riyadh Saudi Arabia.
Some very good points!
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