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Nickels are worth stashing around since they are worth more in metal content than face value. Although it is presently illegal, it almost inevitable that following a debasement that the law will change, and there will be large scale nickel melting. I only have a small stash since I tend to move every 3 years.

Storing Nickels:
Are you doing due diligence with nickels? As many LRC readers know, nickels are the only real "money" being distributed by the U.S. Government at this point in time. The value of the metal in a nickel equals the fiat value assigned to it by the state. This cannot be said about the currently produced pennies, dimes, quarters, or half dollars and certainly cannot be said about the paper money or the even more insidious and plentiful computer digit money that we are forced to use. Nickels are uniformly marked, impractical to counterfeit, and easily recognizable for their metallic content (75% copper, 25% nickel).

In a post-Dollar Collapse economy, when $1 in silver coinage again becomes the equivalent of a day's wage for man (just as it was before WWI), people will still need to make change for small purchases. I believe that real "Nickel" nickels will fill that role, nicely. (However, if silver zooms up in value in the midst of a Depression wherein most heavy industries are shuttered, then it may take 100 or 200 nickels to equal the value of $1 in pre-1965 90% silver coins.)

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