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Default Incompetence at signal hill location.

So I called yesterday to ask if I can do a PPT of a complete New Frontier Armory lower. I don't remember the guys name, to ask specifically if Im required to have a bullet button on there as its only a lower. He proceeds to tell me no, as long as it is just a lower. Today I arrive to complete my transaction and am immediately told that I have an illegal firearm as I do not have a bullet button installed on my lower ( no upper ). They march my up and down the counter to double check with each slack jawed employee. The best BS answer was that it "says multi-cal so you need a bullet button otherwise it's illegal. "
Now I understand that each business is entitled to their opinion as to whom they do business with, but they should not spread ignorance and fear, especially at this time in this climate.

This is the exact same unchanged lower I bought at riflegear 6mos ago!! I am completely shocked and disgusted with these guys and as soon as my dros is over on the RIA 1911 I bought they will no longer get anymore of my currency.
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