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Default My Debt Card was Hacked...

Went to buy gas at Shell, swiped my card, didn't read. Tried twice more, didn't read. So I went across the street to Chevron, worked right away.

Within an hour, I saw 3 T&E holds holds on my account, a fuel purchase for $69.48 and a grocery store purchase for $48 all in HUNGARY.

I called Citi bank. Froze my account, canceled my debt card. I'll get a new debt card in 10 business days, and I'll have to file a charge dispute for the amount taken from my account.

I really didn't need all this hassle right now... I can pull cash from a branch store. I'm thinking of pulling all but $100 from each of my accounts at Citi, and putting them into my other accounts at different banks so at least I'll have money to spend instead of waiting with my hands tied.

All and all, I think it will take about 1 month before I'll see disputed charges reimbursed.
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