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Originally Posted by zinfull View Post
If the rifle is CA legal then all she needs to do is bring them home on here return. She can send the rifle to her self using USPS. When she is home she needs to download the form form DOJ and send in $15 for registration on an inter family transfer. A lot cheaper than using a FFL.
Well, if she wants to violate Federal law, that is the thing to do, but otherwise firearms between residents of different states have to go to a FFL in the buyer/transferee state. The fee is $19, so you are wrong in that as well. Yes, it is a lot cheaper, but it is also illegal.

Originally Posted by Oldmandan View Post
She is with him in NC now, and will take the rifle and handgun to an FFL in NC, and ship them to an FFL in Orange County. (will be DROS'd by her)
The firearms can be shipped directly to a CA FFL, but UPS/FedEx require handguns to be shipped overnight, whereas a FFL can ship the handgun USPS. Depending on what the FFL charges, it might be cheaper to ship the handgun through a FFL. The long gun can be shipped directly, assuming it is ok with the CA FFL.

Question 1- Because this is a gift is she requires to pay tax on them?
No. Document that it is a gift.

Question 2- Because tax was already paid in CA, is she required to pay it again? What if father-in-law has kept the original receipt stapled to the original manual? Does that get her out of paying tax?
N/A, it is a gift and is exempt from sales tax.

Last question- I'm out of Anaheim, anyone know of an FFL with interfamily transfer experience? The ones I've talked with so far, either seem to know less than me about them? Or charge high fees to do them...
I don't know of anyone down in that area, but if you find a FFL with decent fees, see if they will call the CA DOJ and ask about it. This only applies if the handgun is not on the certified list since otherwise it does not matter.
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