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Originally Posted by atc4usmc View Post
doug, I'm sure in your post above you are saying thanks to Ares for coordinating the use of the equipment for you to machine your lower right? I am sure Ares does not machine them for anyone as that would be against the law.

Just a lil FYI...
Many thanks for the correction. You are absolutely correct. It was described to me as a class where they taught us how to do it. I had to put the lower on the pins, then secure the vise, then hit the start button, then switch it over to the second place in the machine and again I had to put it on the pins and vise secure it for a second time and then I hit the start button again.

All ares did was rent me the machine, teach me how to do it myself, and deburr, all of which is OK.

Sorry for the confusion and my misstatement above.

Thanks for reminding me to clarify.
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