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Originally Posted by Revoman View Post
Meety Peety -

I urge you to try the SDPD Range as it is outside, no waiting and is $10 for the entire day. Bringing guests is no problem. 40 positions with usually no more than a dozen on the line at any time, at least on a Saturday. I would imagine that the weekdays are even less crowded.

Once again it is handguns only and at 25 yards only.
Might check it out, but like I've said before there's really just no need to. BLM is closer, better and cheaper. And I love to just go out for the day and enjoy nature. The only time I go to a "range" is during fire season so maybe I'll check that place out next year.

As for the mention of P2K's 25 yard range being full of kids, you guys do have a point there. It's usually full of seemingly first time shooters. I used to love the cease fires because I was a smoker. Is what it is I guess.

I hated discount gun mart (santee) because the range was small (50 FEET not yards) pistol only and since I only shoot at ranges during fire season, it was hot as F*CK in there. Zero A/C and only a couple cheap orbital fans (those $10 ones from walmart) that barely worked. It was also dark as hell in there. The place was just cheap but for $12 unlimited, guess it gets the job done. It really seems like a place for someone who just wants to dump 50 rounds into paper at 7 yards to make sure they still know how to work their Hd gun. With how much I shoot, this place had almost nothing at all to offer, other than being next door to Jack in the box.
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