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Default WTT Bushmater 20" HBAR Upper w/quadrail

I am not much of one for putting cool things on my rifles but I got this in trade. I was going to modify it but I thought why put all that work into it if I can just find someone who wants it as is.

So, I have a Bushmaster, 20" HBAR complete upper as pictured on the gun below. It does not include the forgrip or the rear backup sight. It has about 300 rounds through it.

I'm looking for a complete upper. Preferable lightweight with no quadrail or front sight. Something like Bushmaster's Varmiter series.

I'm not looking to sell at this point as the cheapest uppers that I've seen for sale are going for over $800 and I don't want to price gouge on this just to match their insanity.

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