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Originally Posted by F-2_Challenger View Post
At the town hall in napa and the congressman said he is for an assault weapons bill and he defines it as California law.
I heard the same thing on the news. (Might have been on O'Reilly or Sean Hannitys show or heck maybe even Larry Elder 790AM radio) They have been takling alot about gun crontrol the past few days. Hannity went off last night saying he was a CCW holder. Anyway, they were interviewing some congressman or senator where he made a comment on the lines of "california already has gun laws in effect that the rest of the US should use"

I applaud all of you who attended this and who will attend tonight. Keep up the good work!! I hate all the negativity on the board telling others to “do nothing.”

I also dig the advice here reminding people to show up looking professional since the anti's paint us all as some vigilante with a 50 cal wearing cammo.
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