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Originally Posted by Motorola View Post
Sorry to revive this thread without any new info, but I can't believe that a GC statement based solely on being a private pilot, and visiting remote airfields, was sufficient for issue in OC.

I have specific circumstances unrelated to my being a private pilot, and am just trying to decide which road to take...maybe articulate both in my GC?

Just trying to get a plan together before I start drafting my GC.

Great site, great info, and glad to donate to the cause.
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Originally Posted by Wherryj
I am a physician. I am held to being "the expert" in medicine. I can't fall back on feigned ignorance and the statement that the patient should have known better than I. When an officer "can't be expected to know the entire penal code", but a citizen is held to "ignorance is no excuse", this is equivalent to ME being able to sue my patient for my own malpractice-after all, the patient should have known better, right?
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