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Originally Posted by cheetah45 View Post
Someone asked another if he knew what makes an asssault weapon an assault weapon and the reply was: "it's like pornography, you know it when you see it." Anybody know who said that? Was it Thompson who sad that or someone else?
That was said by Thompson. He is clearly way off-base. He, like many others in Congress, can say they own a gun, can say they hunt, served in the military, etc. and then in the next breath propose a ban.

Of all people who spoke that night, Thomspon seemed one of the most detached from reality.

Question for the people there. Was the format more of a question and answer style or when people commented were they allowed to talk for a bit.
It was a public comment style hearing. Each commenter had 2 minutes to speak (since there were 55 who had already asked to comment by filling out cards). Unfortunately, since Thompson kept interrupting commenters and bloviating about "what's not on the table", he cut into the overall time of the meeting. And of course, you had various public officials grandstanding prior to the hearing, so that cut into the time as well. About halfway through the commenters the Mayor cut it to one minute per commenter.

Of all the comments, I'd say at least 2/3rds were pro-gun, with 1/4 or 1/3 being the usual crowd of politically active elderly liberals common in Northern California public venues (we have our share in Mendocino County, that's for sure).

The meeting video is gone from the website.
The live link is gone, but the recorded video should show up in their archived video list today or tomorrow.

One more thing before I get to work this morning:
That is the Napa Valley Register summary of the event, which grossly over-exaggerates the presence of anti-gun people. There were many pro-gunners and people who spoke of not trying to deconstruct the 2nd Amendment in a misguided attempt to curb violence.

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