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Originally Posted by ireload View Post
I've been happy with my Cold Steel SRK. I've chopped and sliced with that knife. Bought it back in 94' and still going strong.

I just got my SRK in the mail yesterday. Around 70$ from LApolicegear (coulda got it cheaper but forgot to put the 15% code at checkout) All the vids on this thing are impressive. I was using it a lil today and geez, it's amazing for the price. Cuts open truck tires literally like a hot knife through butter.

Ide take a fixed blade over folding in a shtf scenario, unless the fixed is super high quality (gunna be pricey if you really want it to last in a real shtf scenario and take abuse)
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Originally Posted by SheepDog78 View Post
I set up a GoFundMe page to try to raise some money to help purchase a handgun for home defense.

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