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Drop the extra cheddar for the Doug Ritter RSK MK1. It's a Benchmade Griptillian with a thicker, flat ground blade. The back of the blade is flat. It's length and width are right for smacking on to split wood. The grip fits my big hands perfectly with finger and thumb ridges to keep it locked. Compare this to Spyderco's Endura line with flat grips, and smooth finger and thumb curves. My Endura also slipped out of my pocket a few times because of it's flat grips. My loyalty for Spyderco dropped after these factors.

If i were you, I'd read the carry laws here on CG. The MK1 is a folder and from what i read, the length isn't going to get you thrown in the clink. Another good thing is the blade's visibility. Forget about any type of coated blade. Black blades are only cool to you and looks suspicious to cops. I'd also suggest the orange handles cuz they don't seem to spook civilians. Anyway, the blade has a large side profile and is thoroughly intimidating. It says "No, you may not borrow my iphone real quick, holmes."

Sorry for the yappin' but it really it's probably the only folder I'd recommend.

As for fixed blades, I've packed an Ontario M9 but it seems like overkill in my hood. The Gerber LMF has good reviews and is easy to tie to a broom handle or stick for spearing.

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