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Default Primary Arms Answers their phone

A quick review

There are always post on Calguns about places that don't answer their phone. here is my experience with Primary Arms.

Monday I ordered a Bushnell red dot from them. Talking to another Calgunner I realized I didn't order the right co-witness.

I figured between most posts we see about online retailers and the current craziness that I was stuck. But, as always I also figured I would give it a shot.

I gave them a call and Marshall picked up on the third ring. I told him I messed up on my order. He didn't tell me I was stuck, he asked me what my order number was, looked it up and asked what the problem was.

I said I ordered the wrong co-witness. He said, no problem he could fix that for me. He then looked at my order and asked me if I was sure I wanted to change it.

He said most people choose the one I got and prefer it. He then directed me to their video and info on what a co-witness is (I'm a noob).

He told me I could look it up and decide which one I wanted and then just e-mail that night if I wanted it changed from what I ordered.

After our discussion I said, I'll look it up and if I change my mind I will e-mail you, if I don't e-mail, just ship it.

I decided to keep the one I ordered, didn't email them. I got a shipping notice first thing in the morning.

While nothing actually changed from my order, Marshall answering the phone and taking a few minutes to talk to me and then giving me an option was fantastic.

They got me as a customer because the product had a good price and options I needed.

They earned me as a continuing customer by their fantastic service.
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