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Originally Posted by artoaster View Post
That's easy. The answer If a LEO asks, "Do you have any guns in the car or anything I should know about?" is:

No, there is nothing in my car you need to know about.

And, when he frames another question concerning guns you simply ask, "why, am I being detained?"

When he says no that should be the natural end of that conversation because he is just fishing with his questions and doesn't intend to search you anyway.
This may be true as far as it goes. You could also just crack open the window and slide out your CDL, Registration and Proof of Insurance, and say absolutely nothing. However, if the reason for the stop progresses beyond the VC violation you may have a problem.

There is no need to offer information that will lead to more questions. But conduct yourself in a polite non challenging manner. Displaying any "attitude", either excessively aggressive or defensive, will only lead to more inquiry.

Of course there is much to be said of knowing that you are in complete compliance in the first place. And if there is a direct question with no wiggle room regarding transporting a firearm, and you have a firearm on board, be truthful and direct. Again, there is no need to offer unsolicited information. But do not lie; that will likely cause you even more grief.
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