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Purchased in July 12 no problem, purchased a Ruger SR22 on Dec 31st and just got a call from the dealer that I was delayed. called BOF number and it's just a outgoing message to call their general info number. Left a message there but sure if I get any reply it will be that I'm delayed pending further investigation. I can understand that they want to make sure I haven't been arrested or been convicted in the last 6 months so I'll practice some patience and "assume" it's just for backlog reasons and not any other. I can understand that under the current circumstances, the last thing they want is to make a mistake on one person and have it come back to haunt all of us. Any idea if this is just a CA issue?

UPDATE: 1/8/13 2:25pm Unfortunately I missed the call but did get a call back from BOF. Basically the generic message, "it's our busiest time of the year, increased demand, doesn't mean you've been denied, may be something that needs documents from the courts to resolve and a call back number". Very friendly woman. Started out by saying she could only provide general info. Also said if I haven't heard anything by the 14th to call back. My get out of jail date was the 10th so not a huge wait.

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