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Originally Posted by GIjose View Post
So I see the lines and I see the masses going out in droves to get their AR while they still can and their ammo. I already got mine. Got it along time ago, but I can't help but wonder when I see the lines and see the shelves empty at Turners,Bass Pro, local gun shops etc.......How many of these idiots voted for Obama/Feinstein/gun hating liberals? How many? and what are they doing now to combat this issue? are they politically active? are they an NRA member/cal guns/cal rifle and pistol association/second amendment foundation ?

JOIN THE NRA !! there are only a few politicians on the hill, there were thousands of people at this gun show. Imagine what a letter from each of them could do? Imagine what a dollar from each of them could do?
WAKE UP PEOPLE!!! Don't just go get your AR before the government bans them!!! TELL THE GOVERNMENT YOU WON'T LET THEM BAN THEM!
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