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Originally Posted by Excelsior View Post
Just look at your poster. As designed it will downright scare and antagonize people. Whoever designed it just doesn't understand public relations.

In any event good luck to you all and godspeed.
Like any good book, literary publishers will tell you that the first page must have a "hook", something that will snag the reader's attention into turning the next page.
Sanchanim flyer is targeted for grabbing the attention of gun owners, posting anything less might have the same effect as hanging a flyer for a garage sale.

If you look at 90 percent the retail gun magazines on the rack, they will usually sport some type of a AR configuration on the cover (can you guess why?). Now if the whole AR thing scares you then you really need to consider what this protest is all about, because the main focus will be about the government taking away our Assault weapon and high capacity magazines and anything else that looks evil on a nation wide scale.
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