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Originally Posted by JackRydden224 View Post
I switched to a different bullet after 300-400 rounds. What is strange is that when I used Dillon's head space gauge it was fine but when I dropped in the barrel it wasn't. I must be missing something.

The only thing that I can think of is that maybe the ogive or shape of the noce allowed it to sit at a different position in the seating die and as a result did not get pushed down as far.

But that is a technical reason and I do not know how I manged to say that this late at night...

heh... Switched from round nose to truncated cone perhaps? When I get a progressinve I plan to prolly teast/measure my first 10 rounds when I change powders or bullets as I figure that that should be a good thing to do to minimize jacked up loads.

I also agree that pulling that many bullets takes the fun out of reloading. Too bad they were not fmj...

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