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Depends on what is in between me and my destination for the 10 mile hike as to how I'd travel. If it is smooth sailing, I'd go with limited supplies and try to get the travel over with in the one day. Basically the kit I keep in the car at all times, plus as much food as you can get the other people in your party to carry.

You probably won't want to be walking down the street holding an AR-15, so unless you can break one down and have someone pack it, I'd plan on something like a Glock 26.

If the situation though is multiple days to make the 10 miles, then I'd go full on backpacking gear.

The best thing you can do ahead of time is to get some long term food storage at your destination IMO, cause on foot you aren't going to be able to carry all that much, and if you try to drag a cart full of food 10 miles you are painting a bullseye on yourself. Even if you're using light weight freeze dried backpacking meals, a week's worth of food is going to be at least 8LB per person. If you're grabbing canned food you should probably multiply that weight by 3 or so.

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