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I have shot about 10 rounds through a 500 S&W. I also shot a bunch of light loads, and about 30 full power loads, in a Ruger single action 44 mag. I have put thousands of rounds through my dad's Smith 38 spl. After all that, I decided that I needed/wanted a revolver, so I bought a...................460 Mag.

The 500 was fun, but I already loaded for 45 ACP and had components and gear for 45LC. 45 cal is also a bit more common when it comes to bullets. I didn't have to have the biggest, but I had to have the fastest (Smith's claims). Hand cannons are cool whether you shoot bunny fart loads or barrel burners. Mine range from 600 fps and 8 cents per round to a factory equivalent load that runs out of my gun at 1917 fps (240 grain hornady 240 xtp mag) and costs 70 cents each to reload. This one has never seen factory (overpriced) ammo.

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