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I do reload... or rather, I have in the past and have all the gear. It's probably past time I got back into it. Working up a really good load for this rifle will be fun.

No magwell wobble on this one. I noticed the bolt wobble when open, didn't bother me much except when I don't get the bolt draw straight and the bolt drags. That should clear up with more practice, I haven't fired any bolt action in quite some time.

The length of pull is just right for me, but I've always liked a shorter LOP than my physical build would indicate is correct.

Originally Posted by kowalski View Post
same here.

I really want a ruger scout, but can't justify spending $900+ on a rifle that should cost $600 or so.
There was a Ruger Scout right next to my rifle. Took a look at both, went home and did the research. I pretty much agree with you, except that if Ruger had made it to accept M1A mags, I'd have paid the just under $900 that Big 5 was asking. No way I'd do that for a rifle that needs proprietary mags.
I'm retired. That's right, retired. I don't want to hear about the cop who stopped you today or how you didn't think you should get a ticket. That just makes me grumpy!

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