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@Gene, I wish we could have some sort of million man march on DC. Yes it would make an impression, but for all of us to sit in our homes and wait for them to come and take our property is exactly what they want us to do.
With the legislation they are trying to ram through at the state and local level, not doing anything because we might screw up means they win. Yes there are down sides, but we are not a bunch of camo clad nut jobs dancing around our AR's! We are normal everyday citizens.
CalGuns has been at the forefront of fighting the battle in the golden state, and it has been one we have been continuing to fight. Compared to many other states we behind the eight ball. With a 2/3 democratic congress due up the chance of us seeing a renewed push on citizen disarmament is enormous.
Believe me I am the last person to be like Ted Nugent and have an NRAgasim right there in front of the cameras. We need to have intelligent civil discourse on the facts, and repeat those facts as they dismantle the the antis logic.
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