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Originally Posted by hoffmang View Post
This has extremely limited upside and nearly unlimited downside.

If you were to get on a plane and do this in Washington DC it *might* have some value. Marching on Sacramento is unlikely to create anything but b-roll that anti-gun politicians will get local TV affiliates to use against us.

Instead you should show up on a day the assembly and senate are in session, wear a suit and tie or equivalent female attire, and demand to meet with your representatives (who in many places in California despise you.)

Same effort, much better outcomes.

We have considered both options. There is another protest planned for mid week as well. This one was a compromise. We are working to get media notified and involved. You are correct, there is plenty of down side to everything, just look how they tore into the NRA.
The upside is we are starting to do something. We seem to be growing in strength everyday. As far a dress code yes I will be dressed for business.
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