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I got the the area about 820am. Had to park across the street in the office park area and walked over. I then looked at the crazy long lines. I debated to wait until the lines went down. One guy was yelling" the end of the line is here for those who bought tickets." I then just gave up and had other thoughts. I gave my $1 coupon to someone and left. Got in the car and proceeded to I-10. On the way people were parking in far areas and still coming in. I counted the same, about 500 in front of the building.
Went to Ammo Bros nearby. That was a madhouse. I just wanted to look for a Pelican rifle case. Alot of the ammo was gone and they had some Colt Ar types in the back of the counter. "those are 22's" said the salesman "and the 223's are all gone". Someone gave me a number in case I wanted to get something. I just walked out.
Went over to Zafuto's Cigar Heaven at Ontario Mills and lit one up and relaxed and relayed my adventure to other cigar lovers amongs the BS that was circulating around the small smoking lounge they have.
I think perhaps many people dont even know what an "assault" weapon is and they want to hold one and actually see one face to face and then decide whether to get one or not.
We will see..............
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