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Greetings all... I have been lurking for sometime, but reading is not social. So it is time for some writing (or so I have been told; thanks guys, my bad). My buddy advised I join this site for information and research, as we are looking to build an OLL. If all goes as planned perhaps it will just be the first (of many). Hopefully, someday, I can meld my 3 hobbies of carpentry, metal work, and shooting into a self-sustaining gunsmith/engineering/anti-zombie Trifecta. A former USAF medic, I now work in a hospital laboratory designing software and methods for controlling blood analyzers. I talk to machines all day, so my grammar might be a bit awkward. Or down right awful, as english is almost like a second language for me; terrible.

I look forward to divining the knowledge that seems to be plentiful. And then putting it to use.

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