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Originally Posted by Joewy View Post
I think that this only applies to handguns on the federal level.
Many people come here and buy rifles in Wyoming and neighboring states during hunting season. Im not really sure how they take them back but they do buy them thru an FFL. Of course no one will sell anything to someone with a California ID. So there is probably a californis law that prohibits it.
I described this all in detail on post 12.

Under federal law, the transfer must go through an FFL. But in the case of long guns, an FFL in a State other than the transferee's State of residence can do the transfer, BUT ONLY IF (1) the long gun is legal in the transferee's State of residence; and (2) the transfer complies with the laws of the State in which it takes place; and (3) the transfer complies with the law of the transferee's State of residence.

In connection with the transfer of a long gun, some FFLs will not want to handle the transfer to a resident of another State, because they may be uncertain about the laws of that State. And if the transferee resides in some States (e. g., California requiring a DROS and 10 day wait), the laws of the State may be such that an out-of-state FFL will not be able to conduct a transfer that complies.
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