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Originally Posted by biogenic View Post
Thanks all for your input. Just plinking for now but would like to get more into Bullseye and IDPA. Want to start with some tactical and some spprting clays down the line.
Livermore has a great little range for plinking but they have zero going on as far as activities at their pistol/rifle range. IDPA shooting is done at USI/Diablo Action pistol and Richmond I believe. As far as sporting clays, Coyote Valley Sporting clays is pretty nice. Birds Landing Hunting Preserve and Sporting Clays also has a nice sporting clays course.

Tactical shotgun is always tricky. For example, at Livermore you can shoot birdshot on the trap range but not the rifle range. They allow slugs on the 50 yard line on the rifle/pistol range but nothing closer. Buck shot can not be used. So you just need to check around and see which fit your needs. Richmond does run three gun matches so maybe you can practice tactical shotgun there.
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