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I'll start by saying that I own rifles.. and I have been known to shoot said rifles. So any range that doesn't have a rifle range really doesn't get a lot of my time. I do shoot pistols more than anything else, but I rarely go to the range for just a quick 50 rounds or anything.. I'm usually there for hours and shoot a little bit of everything.

P2K is, in my opinion, the nicest indoor range in SD. As a result, it is also by far the most expensive. But, they keep the place clean and their indoor lanes are well ventilated. The place is friendly and it's set up to make you feel like it's alright to relax and have a nice time. Staff is nice and the trap/5stand setups are a huge plus. As busy as they get, the wait has never really been too long for me. 1.5 hours was the worst and most of the time its around 30-45 minutes.

There are a few things that I don't like though. For one, you can't just shoot on their outdoor range on a nice sunny day. You have to book it or maybe they have certain days where it's open? I'm not sure, but the last time I asked if it was open the answer was simply "no". Next is the price. Instead of "per trip" or whatever else, you pay per hour. It's pretty steep, especially since I have a minimum of 1 person with me always and sometimes 4-6.. the hourly rate will drastically limit my time there. Their membership is really nothing special.. you can definitely save some money if you go there often, but I spend too much time on BLM to have ever bought the membership.

Absolute worst IMO is ASC. They are just downright unprofessional. The last time I was there I walked out after 2 hours+ of watching their staff make rude comments to customers and playing (Yes playing) with guns behind the counter. Their membership policy is a joke, not only because it obviously makes new customers feel unwanted and creates animosity between shooters, but on more than one occasion (And it's not like I go there a lot) I've seen members have to sit there and wait for hours too. So you get a huge backup of people, all unhappy. What a failed system. The way they are setup, they should be members only, not open to Genpub. And because they are located right in the center of SD, they get flooded with the spur of the moment "Hey I'm bored lets go rent a gun" shooters so they don't care to fix it. Not that it should matter, but I'll go ahead and say it.. there was an extremely attractive female working there last time I was there. Like drooling on my guns attractive. That may have been the one plus about the place.

Honorable mention goes to EFG for being a nice range, but the long wait times have stopped me from attempting membership. I will probably end up putting myself on the wait list eventually.. before my one and only "vouch" for membership is gone () - seriously I know almost no one that is actually a member there.

SBRG seems to have a lot of good reviews, but its a hell of a drive for me. I will check it out sometime soon, but I don't see myself going that far out of the way for an outdoor range, since if the weather is good enough to be outside, I'll be on BLM.
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