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Default Need advice !!!

Originally Posted by hardstatic View Post
That is the purpose. They're playing the "long game". Once people have accepted this level of registration, they will enact legislation that covers all existing property as well.
Brilliant observation and absolutely CORRECT !!

Its also called "the foot in the door technique" , "bait and switch" etc. etc.

My question:

Other than donating to this organization and the NRA, which I do, does anybody know of a website/organization that has "press one button - multiple send function" to automatically email gov't reps?

I REALLY feel adverse to emailing them through their government websites because they require full name, address etc.

I do not trust these creeps and want to avoid being targeted if ever they get stealthy.

Mr. Yee of California already has designs to force gun owners to register annually.
This is a ploy, information gathering with ulterior motives and a money squeeze vehicle for squelching our rights !!!

Not to mention Feinstein's designs.....
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