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I just called the CHP. they have ultimate authority for the area.

He is going to call me back tomorrow in regards to possesing a firearm during the protest. he said there were some laws that took effect Jan 1st that he needs to check on.

He said typically however firearms are not allowed INSIDE of the building except for law enforcement of course. but outside the building it is not a problem. however because this is a peacful protest and a permit is involved he just needed to verify that there are no issues with CCW's holders. He agreed having a peacful Pro 2A event but not bringing your firearm if you are legal to bring it does not mesh.

The permit is free and can be downloaded from the web site. He said it just needs to be filled out and emailed to him.

A really nice guy, he said he has sort of heard of this, he asked me the date and I told him that it was set for Jan 19th which is a Saturday but there was a question as to if it should be held during the week. I agreed and recommended we hold it during the week. he said we will get a lot more attention if we do it during the week during business hours.

I took it upon myself to make this call, however too many chiefs is not a good thing. So whoever is running this let me know how involved you want me. I can handle the permit issue, filling out, submitting it. making phone calls to the local law enforcement offices to ensure they are aware and kind of smooth the road a little you might say.

I feel the more the LEO's are aware and involved the more support we can get from them.
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