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Originally Posted by Bambino83 View Post

How was it?
Great class and a lot different than last year. Lots of drills for strong and reaction hand only including malfunction clearance from standing, kneeling, prone and supine positions. Like Chris says you have to learn and practice for all eventualities. Chris would clearly explain the reasons for everything, demo it and build upon it once the students ran each drill while getting proper diagnostics. Most drills encompassed alternate methods and students could opt out of any. No doubt that some drills were dangerous but not unsafe if done slowly with great awareness for muzzle discipline. All the extra eyes helped a lot.

We had 24-25 shooters and 2-4 assistant instructors depending on the day. First and most important day 1 had 4 assistant instructors. I went through 2,025 rounds over the 3 days. Shooters had a big variety of pistols including 1911s and various pistols with decockers.
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