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Originally Posted by burndup View Post
Uhhm... from one noob to another, why can't you just re-seat them a little deeper?

Or are they crimped?
Originally Posted by BigBronco View Post
No real problem. If they are too long simply go back to the press and push them deeper with your seating die.
They have already been crimped though...can I just pop them back and reseat them?

Originally Posted by Dark Mod View Post
I think everyone does stuff like that when they first start. I remember loading 500 .357 magnum rounds with plated bullets using data for jacketed bullets.... I realized my mistake before i got a chance to shoot any of them and had to pull them all. I got tired of pulling bullets about 60 rounds into it and to this day there sits a box under my bench with 400+ rounds of useless .357 magnum rounds. Ill pull the rest of them some day, its just WAY on the bottom of the priorities list.
You are right Mark. The idea of pulling out 600 rounds of loaded ammo just isn't a good way to spend time. I might want to ask Serge if he has some sort of special machine can do it if I cannot jut pop them under the seating die and get them in deeper.

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