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Originally Posted by mikestesting View Post
In my father's collection that I inherited were included a stainless Ruger Old Army percussion cap revolver and a Thompson Center Arms Hawken percussion cap musket.

I've taken all of his firearms out and shot them, except the muskets. I inherited everything when I was 19 years old. In my younger days I was more interested in fast firing, high kick stuff. I thought it was more exciting. I'm 31 now and I have been increasingly interested to take these black powder guns out.

How cheap/expensive is it per shot? 25 cents per shot? 50 cents? Any ball park figure?
Are you casting your own round balls? Are you shooting plastic sabotted jacketed conicals? Are you making your own BP? Are you making your own caps? Are you buying patches or using scrap material? Are you using a store bought lube? Prices really depend on how deep you get into it and how good of a shopper you are. I've bought cheap chinese BP for a few bucks a pound at reenactments. That stuff is gone though. Figure that you'll use between 50-100 grains of powder, a cap and a projectile. Without shopping around for you, I figure about 20 cents for powder, 5 cents for a cap and 15-25 cents for a patched roundball.
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