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Originally Posted by BonnieB View Post
Smitty, it would have been better to figure out if your revolver was legal in CA. Then you could have sold it before moving. That has nothing to do with registration.
Not so simple. I had import permit from ATF and export permit from RCMP and when it came down to actually leaving Canada with it they refused to let out of the country. The revolver was a regular S&W model 10 with 4" barrel but canada passed a law making the minim barrel length longer by another 1/8".

It doesn't get any more stupid believe me. That gun was a gift from my father for my 18th birthday which is why I wanted to import it here so I could pass it on to my son. I kept the cylinder but the rest is byebye!

If its important to you and you have an opportunity to legally own a gun without registering it believe me do it.
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