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Vancouver Island Black Bear spring hunt. 7 days by boat to camp. ATVs on old logging roads (now overgrown). Saw more bears everyday than my total lifetime up until that hunt. Put the stock on 5 bears in the first two days but turned down the shot because they had rubbed big bald spots on their hides. Weather went south after the second day. Chased and glassed for three more days. Finally, on the last day we spotted from the ridge a Bear eating grass out on the estuary. Drove down to the beach and hiked, crawled along the shore line. I couldn't believe our dense the forest was just off the beach. I literally lost my guide in 20 feet and circled back to the beach to get around an obstruction. He was only 10 yards away but we couldn't see each other. I finally heard him and we laughed. Finally crossed over to the estuary and didn't see the bear. started walking back and suddenly there he was. He was 70 yards away. I found a perfect depression on the bank of a small creek and put my cross hairs on him. My guide told me not to shoot. I looked up and asked him why. He said the bear was facing the wrong way. I couldn't even tell be cause he was so black in my scope I couldn't see my crosshairs in his body nor could I what direction he was going. Finally, he turned and I shot him. Man, I have never seen a bear move so fast in my life. He took off like Carl Lewis. Turned 180 degrees and headed back into the forrest. I was able to get one more shot into him but it was a rear shot. We waited for a couple of minutes then we had to go into the forest to find him. That was nerve racking. We were on a giant tree trunk that had fallen and was covered in moss (slippery) when my guide said, "there he is". I thought the bear was going to charge but he was dead. I was very happy to say the least. We worked overtime to prep the hide since we were leaving in the morning.
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