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I'm buying when I see it in stock (and it's in stock for less than a day). I'm generally buying brass-cased 55 gr. FMJ's for practice. I pick up expensive ammo (PDX Defender at over $1 per round, for example) for defense/SHTF, and I'm stocking up slowly. I recently bought 1,000 rounds Federal FMJ for about $0.35 per round. This weekend at Big 5 I got 100 rounds for about $0.60 per. It still shows up for short periods of time at gun stores, Big 5, and Walmart. I buy it when they got it. My Mini14 will eat anything, so I'll still buy cheap steel-cased stuff when I have to.

I couldn't find good .38 SPL ammo to save my life, even while visiting Cabela's in Phoenix; only some crappy stuff on the shelves. Just yesterday WalMart had just shelved 10 boxes of .38. The guy in front of me bought 5 boxes, and I bought 5 boxes. On the shelf for less than an hour and it was all gone.

Product is still trickling in.
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