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Default MOVED: PartyBarge AR15 Build - Pics / Review

Party Barge here. This photo spread highlights my first ever AR-15 build. I selected each part after reading reviews online and taking firsthand account input from LEO and civilian friends and colleagues. I’ve built it to be both a range queen and home defense firearm. Should the zombies arrive, my recently acquired Remington 870 Magpul Tactical Express may be my weapon of choice. My Springfield Armory XD9 will most likely remain my backup. Sharp sticks and harsh language are the last line of defense.

Along the way I learned several things about my rifle and how it comes together to form what I feel is a very functional and capable tool. I’m beyond grateful I did it myself. While I won’t knock "point at the one on the wall and purchase” methods to firearm acquisition, I am glad I know how it came to be mine.

Most components were purchased online with a few walk in visits to Riflegear. Next to each part you’ll see a shortened link to the supplier I chose. Riflegear is my local 2nd Amendment Apparatus Dealer. LaRue Tactical may have the most difficult ecommerce site I’ve ever used, but great parts. KNS Precision’s own website was used instead of a retailer since they had parts in stock when most did not. Brownelles likes to say parts are in stock when I later find out they are not. Luckily it appears they've come through with my upgraded buffer spring.

It has only become very evident how much I dislike California’s gun atmosphere. The required bullet button is absolutely going to give me a headache. The extra step to reach for my tool for a quick mag drop is certainly going to give the bad guy the advantage over me. We all know how bad guys follow laws.

Anyways, many a night were spent on the ol’ iPAD while the wife was watching TV. If asked, I was obviously not looking up firearm parts…

*Not installed at time of writeup.

During the installation and assembly process I learned quite a lot. I used the pliers wrapped in electrical tape to install pins – a few springs were shot across the kitchen.’s assembly guide was a valued resource including YouTube videos and pictures google search provided.

So here she is (is it a she?)

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