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Default Why are you prepping?

Are you prepping to survive global economic collapse? Are you prepping to head to the hills and survive for a few years on your skills? Are you doing it to survive for 3 days after the big earthquake and FEMA can rescue you? Trying to survive after the next hurricane or tornado hits your area? Are you going to Bug Out?

Let's hear your reason and how your are meeting those goals.

Our preps began with the idea of being able to survive and do for ourselves for the suggested 3 days after a major earthquake. (We are in So. Calif.) Soon the idea of three days was a joke to me and my goal was 3 weeks. The concept of three weeks was covered and now 3 months of food stuffs seems within a close reality.

We are not going to "head to the hills and live off the land." The hills here in So Cal could not support more than a minute number of people for any length of time. We will "Bug In" and with God's grace be able to ride it out until things are stabilized.
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